A podcast about astronomy including the latest news, what you can see in the night sky, interviews with astronomers and more. It is created by astronomers from The University of Manchester's Jodrell Bank for anyone interested in things out of this world.

Latest Episodes:

  • July 2016 Extra

    July 2016 Extra: Only Coming Through In Waves

    In the show this time, Professor Sir Francis Graham-Smith talks to us about his latest book, Eyes On The Sky , and your astronomical questions are answered by Dr Iain McDonald in Ask an Astronomer. Listen to July 2016 Extra.

    Cover art credit: Crude Animation

  • July 2016

    July 2016: Things Aren't Simple Anymore

    In the show this time, we talk to Prof. Sterl Phinney about pulsars and gravitational waves, Mat rounds up the latest news, Ian Morison and Haritina Mogusanu take a look at what's happening in the July night sky and Fiona, Minnie and Alex consider the impact of the EU referendum on UK science. Listen to July 2016.

    Cover art credit: European Space Agency

  • June 2016 Extra

    June 2016 Extra: Deep and Wavy

    In the show this time, we talk to Professor James Dunlop about the ALMA observations of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field, Minnie Mao tells us about Double Radio Sources Associated with Galactic Nuclei in this month's JodBite, and your astronomy questions are answered by Dr. Joe Zuntz in Ask an Astronomer. Listen to June 2016 Extra.

    Cover art credit: Enrico Sacchetti/ESO

  • June 2016

    June 2016: Nga mihi o Te Tau Hou

    In the show this time, we talk to the Vice President at the Society for Maori Astronomy Research and Traditions (SMART), Toa Waaka, Ian rounds up the latest news and we find out what we can see in the June night sky from Ian Morison and Haritina Mogosanu. Listen to June 2016.

    Cover art credit: NZ Maori Tourism

  • NAM 2015 Retrospective

    NAM 2015 Retrospective: A trip to the seaside

    NAM 2015 Retrospective. In the show this time, we cast our ears back to the National Astronomy Meeting (NAM) in July 2015. We talk to Dr. Brook Simmons, Becky Smethhurst and Tom Melvin about Galaxy Zoo, Dr. Carolin Villforth about quasars, Professor Pedro Ferreira about general relativity and Dr. Matt Taylor about the Rosetta mission. We also have interviews with Professor Jo Dunkley about the cosmic microwave background, Dr. Daniel Brown about archeoastronomy and Lars Mejnertsen about Neptune's magnetosphere. Listen to NAM 2015 Retrospective.

    Cover art credit: Monique Henson

  • May 2016 Extra

    May 2016 Extra: The Ocean Machine Is Set To 9

    In the show this time, Dr. Sambit Roychowdhury talks to us about dwarf galaxies , Professor Phillipa Browning talks to us about the Sun in this month's Jodbite , and your astronomical questions are answered by Professor Tim O' Brien in Ask an Astronomer. Listen to May 2016 Extra.

    Cover art credit: fdecomite


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