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October 2008 Extra

October 2008 Extra

We find out about the Jodrell Bank Meteor Detector from Eddie Blackhurst [02:25-11:47]. We talk to Roberta Paladini about her studies of astronomical objects - such as our own galaxy - that obscure observations of the cosmic microwave background radiation [31:37-01:01:24]. Tim answers listener questions about astronomy [11:59-29:55].

Show Links

Interview with Eddie Blackhurst (Jodrell Bank Observatory)

Ask an astronomer - new to observing, Moon viewing, black holes and neutron stars

Interview with Dr Roberta Paladini (IPAC)

Show Credits

Interview:Eddie Blackhurst and Roy Smits
Ask an Astronomer:Dr Tim O'Brien and Nick Rattenbury
Interview:Dr Roberta Paladini and Nick Rattenbury
Presenters:Nick Rattenbury and Ian Morison
Editors:Nick Rattenbury
Website:Stuart Lowe
Cover art:Cross section of a meteorite Credit: Eddie Blackhurst

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