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June 2016 (Audio)
Nga mihi o Te Tau Hou. In the show this time, we talk to the Vice President at the Society for Maori Astronomy Research and Traditions (SMART), Toa Waaka [12:08 - 51:02], Ian rounds up the latest news [02:02 - 11:58] and we find out what we can see in the June night sky from Ian Morison and Haritina Mogosanu [65:02 - 93:09]. - [Duration: 98:59, 45.3 MB]

The night sky for June 2016 (Audio)
Northern HemisphereIan Morison tells us what we can see in the northern hemisphere night sky during June 2016. Highlights of the monthJune 1st - 8th: Mars at its best for 11 years. Mars reaches opposition - that is when the Earth lies between the Sun and Mars and when it was be approximately due south at midnight (UT) or 1am (BST) - on the 22nd of May, so it will be visible for most of the hours of darkness. However, it was actually be closest to the Earth and so having its greatest angular siz... - [Duration: 28:25, 13.0 MB]

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