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March 2006

March 2006

In this month's show we have three interviews where we talk to Helen Mason about the SOHO spacecraft, Nick Rattenbury about a newly discovered exoplanet and Mario di Maggio about the Thinktank planetarium. We pose all your difficult questions to Tim O'Brien and find out what you can see in the night sky during March*. We also get a round up of all the latest news in the Universe!

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Interview with Dr Helen Mason

Interview with Dr Nick Rattenbury

Interview with Mario di Maggio

Night sky for March 2006

Show Credits

Interview:Stuart Lowe interviewed Dr. Helen Mason (University of Cambridge)
Interview:Hannah Thrall interviewed Dr. Nick Rattenbury (University of Manchester)
Interview:Dave Ault interviewed Mario di Maggio (Birmingham Thinktank)
Ask an astronomer:Nick Rattenbury asked Tim O'Brien
Night sky this month:Ian Morison
Presenter:Dave Ault
News:Megan Argo
Editors:Dave Ault and Anthony Holloway
Intro/Outro Cast:Chris Montera - Captain Sam Lovell, Number One - Elie Hirschman, Tactical Officer - Steve Anderson
Cover art:SOHO image of the Sun taken on 14 September 1997 Credit: SOHO/NASA/ESA

* If you live in the southern hemisphere you may need to convert south to north and left to right for Ian's descriptions to make sense.

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