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June 2006

June 2006

In this month's show we talk to Brother Guy Consolmagno (the Vatican Astronomer) and we find out about searches for planets around other stars using telescopes built with parts from eBay. We also try to get answers to questions you've sent in, find out what you can see in the night sky during June and get a round-up of all the latest news.

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The news

Interview with Dr Don Pollacco

Interview with Brother Guy Consolmagno

The night sky for June 2006

Show Credits

News:Megan Argo
Interview:Nick interviewed Don Pollacco (Queens University Belfast)
Interview:Dave interviewed Brother Guy Consolmagno (Vatican Observatory)
Ask an Astronomer:Nick Rattenbury asked Tim O'Brien
Night sky this month:Ian Morison
Presenter:Dave Ault
Editors:Dave Ault and Stuart Lowe
Intro/Outro Cast:Morpheus - Seth Adam Sher, Neo - Elie Hirschman
Cover art:SuperWASP telescope Credit: The Leicester WASP team

* If you live in the southern hemisphere you may need to convert south to north and left to right for Ian's descriptions to make sense.

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