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October 2006

October 2006

At the start of the month ESA's SMART-1 spacecraft plunged into the Moon. We caught up with one of the mission scientists to find out just what the SMART-1 mission's aims were and why it crashed. We also find out about the beginnings of the Universe and how the NASA spacecraft WMAP has helped shed some light on the first 300,000 years. The latest astronomy news includes the naming of 2003UB313, the launch of Solar-B (Hinode) to study the Sun and the latest news from the Mars Rovers and Mars Express. We also find out what you can see in the night sky and Nick gets Tim O'Brien to answer questions about coordinates and viewing the sky.

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The news

Interview with Barry Kellett

Interview with Dr Joanna Dunkley

Ask an astronomer - Software and Telescopes

The night sky for October

Show Credits

News:Hannah Thrall
Interview:Nick Rattenbury talked to Barry Kellett (Rutherford Appleton Laboratories)
Interview:Stuart Lowe interviewed Dr Joanna Dunkley (Princeton)
Ask an Astronomer:Nick Rattenbury asked Tim O'Brien your questions
Night sky this month:Ian Morison
Presenter:Stuart Lowe
Editor:Stuart Lowe
Cover Art:The tiny fluctuations in the Universe seen by WMAP
Website:Stuart Lowe
Intro/Outro Cast:Eric Busby as Brad, Amanda Fitzwater as Janet, Miles Reid as the butler and David Ault as the Narrator
Cover art:The tiny fluctuations in the Universe seen by WMAP Credit: WMAP/NASA

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