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March 2007

March 2007

This month we took our brand new recording kit to Astronomy Now's Astrofest 2007 to talk to some of the exhibitors and visitors. Back at base, Nick catches up with Ciska Markwick-Kemper to talk about dust in space. As always we ask Tim your questions, get the latest astronomy news from Megan, Stuart gives us a round up of other astronomy podcasts and Ian tells us what we can see in the night sky during March. We also get an alert about a total lunar eclipse taking place on 3rd March 2007 (check out the links in the show notes for more details).

Tim's picture of tides
Tim's picture of tides

Show Links

The news - March 2007

Reports from Astrofest 2007 - part 1

Interview with Dr Ciska Markwick-Kemper (University of Manchester)

Ask an astronomer - Two Tides a Day

Reports from Astrofest 2007 - part 2

The night sky for March 2007

Show Credits

News:Megan Argo
Notícias em Português - Março 2007:Valerio Ribeiro
News in Chinese:Dandan Xu
Nouvelles en Français - Mars 2007:Neil Vaytet
Interview:Stuart Lowe explored Astrofest 2007 - part 1
Interview:Nick Rattenbury talked to Dr Ciska Markwick-Kemper
Ask an Astronomer:Nick Rattenbury and Tim O'Brien
Interview:Stuart Lowe and Ian Morison at Astrofest 2007 - part 2
Night sky this month:Ian Morison
Presenters:David Ault
Editors:David Ault, Stuart Lowe, Nick Rattenbury and Megan Argo
Cover Art:Lunar eclipse image courtesy of Loyd Overcash (
Website:Stuart Lowe
Intro/Outro script:Steve Anderson
Intro voice:Steve Anderson
Outro voices:Seth Adam Sher and Laura Post
Cover art:Lunar eclipse Credit: Loyd Overcash

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