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October 2007 Extra

October 2007 Extra

We've got another bumper show for you starting with some interviews we recorded at the Modern Radio Universe conference. We talk to the Astronomer Royal, find out about adapting spacecraft technology to track TB on Earth, the successor to SMART1, and how astronomers and particle physicists are using the Moon as a huge neutrino detector. We listen to audience comments on the fantastic Space 50 event where the Lovell Telescope was turned into a giant projector screen and then we have our main interview about the Dark Energy Survey. We also have an announcement about an event being held in Macclesfield on 27th October. Finally, we answer your questions in Ask an Astronomer.

Show Links

Interview with Donna Kubik (Fermilab)

Interview with Dr Geraint Morgan (Open University)

Interview with Clancy James (University of Adelaide)

Interview with Dr Barry Kellet (Rutherford Appleton Laboratories)

Space 50 Reactions

Notice: Macclesfield Astronomical Society workshop day

Ask an astronomer - redshifts and the ISS

Show Credits

Interview:Donna Kubik and Nick Rattenbury
Interview:Sir Martin Rees and Nick Rattenbury
Interview:Dr Geraint Morgan and Nick Rattenbury
Interview:Clancy James and Nick Rattenbury
Interview:Dr Barry Kellet and Nick Rattenbury
Interview:Visitors interviewed by Stuart Lowe
Notice:Andrew Greenwood (Macclesfield Astronomical Society)
Ask an Astronomer:Edward Boyce and Nick Rattenbury
Presenters:Nick Rattenbury and Stuart Lowe
Challenge setter:David Ault
Editor:Stuart Lowe
Segment Guest Presenter:Jenny Williams
Website:Stuart Lowe
Cover art:The Lovell Telescope projected onto the Lovell Telescope at the Space 50 event 5th October 2007. The projected image shows part of the First Light event which was performed by Jem Finer & Ansuman Biswas. Credit: Anthony Holloway, Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics

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