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November 2007

November 2007

Is there intelligent life out there? In this issue we find out about the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence and ask listeners to complete our second survey. We find out if space has the ingredients necessary to make a beer and get the low down on ESO's Catch a Star competition. We also get the latest news from Megan and find out what you can see in the night sky during November from Ian.

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The news - November 2007

Interview with Dr Jill Tarter (Center for SETI Research)

Interview with Dr Douglas Pierce-Price (ESO)

Interview with Dr Andrew Walsh (James Cook University)

The night sky for November 2007

Show Credits

News:Megan Argo
Interview:Dr Jill Tarter and Nick Rattenbury
Interview:Dr Douglas Pierce-Price and Stuart Lowe
Interview:Dr Andrew Walsh and Stuart Lowe
Night sky this month:Ian Morison
Presenters:David Ault, Nick Rattenbury and Stuart Lowe
Editor:Stuart Lowe
Segment Guest Presenter:Edward Boyce
Intro/outro script:Tom Stitzer and Dave Ault
Intro/outro voices:Tom Stitzer, David Ault and Nick Rattenbury
Website:Stuart Lowe
Cover art:The Allen Telescope Array Credit: Seth Shostak, SETI Institute

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