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February 2008 Extra

February 2008 Extra

On February 8th and 9th we were at Astrofest in London. We bring you news from the Campaign for Dark Skies, we find out about the Space Telescope Science Institute and Google Sky, and we find out about computer simulations of galaxies. We also ask your questions to Dr Edward Boyce and Nick brings us news of an exciting planetary system that resembles our own.

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Interview with David Paul (Campaign for Dark Skies)

Interview with Dr Carol Christian and Dr Alberto Conti (Space Telescope Science Institute)

Interview with Dr Shaun Cole (University of Durham)

Ask an astronomer - Lagrangian points, gravity waves and escaping asteroids

Show Credits

Interview:David Paul and Stuart Lowe
Interview:Dr Carol Christian, Dr Alberto Conti and Stuart Lowe
Interview:Dr Shaun Cole and Nick Rattenbury
Ask an Astronomer:Dr Edward Boyce and Nick Rattenbury
Presenters:Megan Argo, Stuart Lowe and Nick Rattenbury
Editors:Stuart Lowe and Nick Rattenbury
Segment Presenter:Megan Argo
Website:Stuart Lowe
Cover art:The Millennium Simulation Credit: Springel. et al. 2005

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