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NAM 2008: Good morning Belfast!

NAM 2008

Welcome to the Jodcast National Astronomy Meeting special edition. On the final day of the meeting we were lucky to be joined by old friends of the Jodcast - Chris Lintott and David Boyce - to share our favourite parts of the conference with you. In this bumper show we bring you interviews covering cosmic downsizing, newly discovered planets, dark energy, proto-planets, the virtual observatory, new telescopes, James Bond and even the football results.

Show Links

Interview with Emily Baldwin (SPA)

Interview with Prof Michael Rowan-Robinson (RAS)

Interview with Jacquie Milligan and pupils from Glenlola Collegiate School

Interview with Dr Tom Mason (Director of Armagh Planetarium)

Interview with Prof Richard Ellis (University of Oxford)

Interview with Prof Brian Schmidt (Australian National University)

Interview with Dr Douglas Pierce-Price (ESO)

Interview with Dr Jane Greaves (University of St Andrews)

Interview with Dr Jonathan Tedds (University of Leicester)

Interview with Prof Nick Kaiser (University of Hawaii)

Interview with Prof Don Pollacco (Queen's University, Belfast)

Interview with Dr Nial Tanvir (University of Leicester)

Show Credits

Interview:Emily Baldwin and Stuart Lowe
Interview:Prof Michael Rowan-Robinson and Nick Rattenbury
Interview:Jackquie Milligan, her pupils and Stuart Lowe
Interview:Dr Tom Mason and Stuart Lowe
Interview:Prof Richard Ellis and Nick Rattenbury
Interview:Prof Brian Schmidt and Nick Rattenbury
Interview:Dr Douglas Pierce-Price, Nick Rattenbury and Stuart Lowe
Interview:Dr Jane Greaves and Nick Rattenbury
Interview:Dr Jonathan Tedds and Stuart Lowe
Interview:Prof Nick Kaiser and Nick Rattenbury
Interview:Prof Monica Grady and Nick Rattenbury
Interview:Prof Don Pollacco and Nick Rattenbury
Interview:Dr Nial Tanvir and Chris Lintott. Audio (c) Chris Lintott
Presenters:David Boyce, Chris Lintott, Stuart Lowe and Nick Rattenbury
Editor:Roy Smits, Stuart Lowe and Nick Rattenbury
Special Thanks:Robert Massey, Anita Heward and the Royal Astronomical Society
Website:Stuart Lowe
Cover art:Queen's University Belfast Credit: Stuart Lowe

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