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September 2008

September 2008

This month we bring you a final interview that we conducted at the National Astronomy Meeting in Belfast. Dill Faulkes, the man behind the Faulkes Telescope project, tells us why he set it up and what the future holds [20:12 - 34:25]. We also talk to Debbie Mitchell about how her training in astrophysics led her to a career working for the National Air Traffic Control Service [15:02 - 18:55]. As usual we get the latest news from Megan [01:03 - 08:08] and find out what you can see in the northern night sky from Ian [36:10 - 47:24].

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The news - September 2008

Interview with Dr Debbie Mitchell (NATS)

Interview with Dr Dill Faulkes

The night sky for September 2008

Show Credits

News:Megan Argo
Interview:Dr Debbie Mitchell, Nick Rattenbury and Stuart Lowe
Interview:Dr Dill Faulkes and Nick Rattenbury
Night sky this month:Ian Morison
Presenters:David Ault, Nick Rattenbury, Roy Smits and Stuart Lowe
Editors:Nick Rattenbury and Stuart Lowe
Intro/outro:David Ault
Website:Stuart Lowe
Cover art:The Faulkes Telescope on Haleakala Credit: Faulkes Telescope LLC

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