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April 2009 Extra: Amateur astronomy

April 2009 Extra

The word amateur comes from the French meaning "lover of" and amateur astronomers are very passionate about the subject. Amateur astronomers often produce amazing images and contribute valuable observations to professional research. In this episode we catch up with an amateur astronomer from North Wales to find out about his interest in astronomy, we summarise what happened world-wide during the 100 Hours of Astronomy and give a few suggestions for astronomical sights to see.


Roy interviewed Brian Woosnam - an amateur astronomer - active in the Llandrillo College and Coastal Astronomy Society. He came to Jodrell Bank to talk about his hobby and the coming events that the Society organises related to the International Year of Astronomy.

Ask an Astronomer

Roy puts listener questions to Tim O'Brien.

Astronomical Things To Do

Roy and Stuart discuss some astronomical things that we think everyone should try at some point. The list included:

If you have suggestions for things that you think should go on the list, add them in the comments.

Odds and Ends

In the forum there is a discussion about events that took place during the 100 Hours of Astronomy.

Show Credits

Interview:Brian Woosnam and Roy Smits
Ask An Astronomer:Dr Tim O'Brien and Roy Smits
Presenters:Roy Smits and Stuart Lowe
Editors:Roy Smits and Stuart Lowe
Segment voice:Danny Wong-McSweeney
Website:Stuart Lowe
Cover art:A solar prominence Credit: Brian Woosnam 18:29 BST 15/06/2008 Toucam PST

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