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December 2009 Extra: Live Part 2

December 2009 Extra

Solstice Present. In this show we talk to Sir Francis Graham-Smith about his life, being Astronomer Royal and his work on pulsars. We put your astronomical questions to the Jodcast panel, and round-up the feedback we've received during the Live shows.

Sir Francis Graham-Smith

Nick interviews Sir Francis Graham-Smith (Jodrell Bank). Sir Francis started working in radio astronomy at Cambridge at a point before it was even called radio astronomy. He joined Sir Martin Ryle, shortly after World War II, when he was using a simple interferometer to detect radio waves from the Sun. They went on to build better interferometers to accurately determine the position of the objects that they started to discover.

In those days our Galaxy was about as far as astronomers looked and there was very little observational work on objects much more distant. Once they had found around 50 extra-galactic sources a statistical picture started to emerge about the Universe as a whole.

Sir Francis was given the first job he had ever had at Manchester. He tells us about his move to the north, the move of the Royal Observatory from Herstmonceux to Cambridge, being Astronomer Royal and his long-term research interests in pulsating neutron stars.

Ask an Astronomer

In a change to normal, the entire Jodcast team answer questions from the live studio audience (and Twitter). Amongst the questions were:


Show Credits

Interview:Sir Francis Graham-Smith and Nick Rattenbury
Ask An Astronomer:Dr Chris Lintott, Dr Nick Rattenbury, Dr Megan Argo, Dr Stuart Lowe, Jen Gupta, Neil Young and David Ault
Presenters:David Ault, Megan Argo, Jen Gupta, Chris Lintott, Stuart Lowe, Nick Rattenbury and Neil Young
Editors:Stuart Lowe and Jen Gupta
Segment voice:Kerry Hebden
Runner:Chris Tibbs
Website:Stuart Lowe
Cover art:The Jodcast Team Credit: Chris Ward

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