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Spring 1990: Postcast

Spring 1990

In this cassette we find out about the upcoming launch of the Hubble Space Telescope [06:32-12:55] from Prof. Mike Disney (University College Cardiff), find out about the newly extended MERLIN [19:18-23:31] from Dr Richard Davis (NRAL), and we talk to Dr Richard Battye (University of Manchester) about the first results from the COsmic Background Explorer [26:34-34:25]. We also have the latest news [01:44-06:14], tell you what to look out for in the night sky during spring and summer [35:21-43:21], and answer your questions [46:01-56:26]. Our sleeve notes show an artist's impression of the Hubble Space Telescope.

If you want to receive the Summer edition of this post-cast remember to send a stamped, addressed envelope and a postal order for £2 made payable to The University of Manchester (or save £2 and include a blank cassette tape) to:

The Jodcast,
Nuffield Radio Astronomy Laboratories,
Jodrell Bank,
SK11 9DL,
United Kingdom.


Show Credits

Night sky this month:Ian Morison
Presenters:David Ault, Jen Gupta, Stuart Lowe, Nick Rattenbury and Neil Young
News:Megan Argo
Night Sky:Ian Morison
Ask an Astronomer:Dr Tim O'Brien (Lancashire Polytechnic)
Editor:Stuart Lowe
Astronomy Theatre:David Ault
Dave Logan:David Ault
Neil Preston Esq:Neil Young
Segment voice:Mike Peel
Website:Stuart Lowe
Cover art:Hubble Space Telescope-Illustration Credit: NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Collection

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