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August 2010 Extra: There's No Place On Earth To Hide

August 2010 Extra

In this show, Dr Fraser Duncan tells us about the SNOLAB facility in Canada, Chris Wareing answers your astronomical questions, and we round-up the feedback we've received since the last show.


Earlier this year Dave was lucky enough to visit the SNOLAB facility in Canada where experiments to detect neutrinos are carried out 2km underground. While he was there, he interviewed Dr Fraser Duncan, the SNOLAB Associate Director of Operations, and found out more about the history of SNOLAB, the original Sudbury Neutrino Observatory experiment and the current and future experiments in place at SNOLAB. We also hear about how amateur astronomers can get involved in supernova detection research.

Ask an Astronomer

Jodrell Bank's Dr Chris Wareing answers your questions:

Odds and Ends

The Sun's activity is increasing. Five sunspots were seen on the Sun on August 11 2010 and outbursts of energy at the beginning of August lead to beautiful displays of the Northern Lights. Please get in touch and let us know if you saw them.

The Perseid meteor shower is now over for another year. Not much was seen from Manchester but elsewhere people were treated to some spectacular meteors, including the folk at the Newbury Astronomical Society who provided the cover art for this episode. Again, please get in touch with us with your experiences and send us any good photos!

Jen talked about the INTECH Science Centre near Winchester. INTECH is home to the UK's largest capacity planetarium, and as well as normal planetarium shows, they hold regular Space Lectures on the 2nd Wednesday of the month and Telescope Amnesty events twice a year.

Show Credits

Interview:Dr Fraser Duncan and Dave Ault
Ask An Astronomer:Dr Chris Wareing
Presenters:Jen Gupta, Libby Jones and Mark Purver
Editors:Jen Gupta and Mark Purver
Segment voice:Lizette Ramirez
Website:Stuart Lowe
Cover art:Multi-coloured Perseid streaks past Deneb in August 2010 Credit: Richard Fleet, Newbury Astronomical Society

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