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NAM 2012: Namchester

NAM 2012

The National Astronomy Meeting is an annual astronomy conference hosted by the Royal Astronomical Society and a UK university. NAM 2012 is being held at The University of Manchester, in partnership with the Astronomische Gesellschaft. As this year's meeting is being held on The Jodcast's home turf, we decided to record and release a short episode for every day of the conference, bringing you a summary of the research presented that day. In the first episode, Libby reports on the opening of this joint UK-Germany meeting [00:00 - 11:59]. In the second episode, Jen comes out of retirement to provide highlights of day 2 [11:59 - 26:59]. In the third episode, Christina brings us interviews and press releases from day 3 [26:59 - 42:42]. In the fourth episode, Mark rounds up the meeting and reaction to it [42:42 - 74:57].

Day 1

Libby reports on day 1:

Day 2

Jen reports on day 2:

Day 3

Christina reports on day 3:

Day 4

Mark reports on day 4:

Show Credits

Interview:Dr Ben Davies and Libby Jones
Interview:Dr Robert Laing and Libby Jones
Interview:Prof. Fran Bagenal and Libby Jones
Interview:Dr George Bendo and Libby Jones
Interview:Dr Chris Lintott, Dr Rob Simpson and Jen Gupta
Interview:Tana Joseph and Jen Gupta
Interview:Dr Paul Woods and Jen Gupta
Interview:Prof. Mike Edmunds and Jen Gupta
Interview:Prof. Bob Nichol and Christina Smith
Interview:Kelly Hambleton and Christina Smith
Interview:Nathalie Skrzypek and Christina Smith
Interview:Prof. Fran Bagenal, David Galvin, Rob Johnson and Mark Purver
Interview:Andrew Glester and Mark Purver
Interview:Prof. John Brown and Mark Purver
Interview:Ewan Barr and Mark Purver
Interview:Ciara Quinn and Mark Purver
Presenters:Jen Gupta, Libby Jones, Mark Purver and Christina Smith
Editors:Jen Gupta, Libby Jones, Mark Purver and Christina Smith
Segment Voice:Cormac Purcell
Website:Jen Gupta, Libby Jones, Mark Purver, Christina Smith and Stuart Lowe
Producers:Jen Gupta, Libby Jones, Mark Purver and Christina Smith
Cover art:The NAM 2012 delegate packs. CREDIT: Jen Gupta

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