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October 2015 Extra: Leaping

October 2015 Extra

In the show this time, Dr Tony Rushton talks to us about jets in X-ray binaries, James McKee explains his efforts to find gravitational waves using pulsars, and your astronomical questions are answered by Dr George Bendo in Ask an Astronomer.

JodBite with James McKee

James McKee is a 3rd year PhD student in the Jodrell Bank Pulsar Group. His research uses pulsars as physical tools to measure space-time. Specifically, he looks for changes in the times of arrival of pulsar pulses that might be due to gravitational radiation from a background of interacting supermassive black holes. He talks to us about how this can be done, what a detection of gravitational waves would mean for astronomy and how he couples 5 of the largest telescopes in the world together in an effort to prove Einstein right.

Interview with Tony Rushton

Having completed his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees here at Jodrell Bank, Tony Rushton is now a research fellow at Oxford Astrophysics. He researches the complex nature of radio emitting X-ray binaries. Tony talks to us about what they are and how they emit and the mystery of the relativistic jets that are launched from these and other astrophysical systems. He describes 4 pi sky - an effort to continuously monitor the sky for high energy events and how he uses robotic radio telescopes to get rapid follow-up on X-ray flares.

Ask an Astronomer

Dr George Bendo answers your astronomical questions:

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Show Credits

JodBite:James McKee and Benjamin Shaw
Interview:Dr Tony Rushton and Benjamin Shaw
Ask An Astronomer:Dr George Bendo and Adam Barr
Presenters:Fiona Healy, Monique Henson and Hannah Stacey
Editors:Charlie Walker, James Bamber and Benjamin Shaw
Segment Voice:Kerry Hebden
Website:Benjamin Shaw and Stuart Lowe
Producer:Benjamin Shaw
Cover art:The Lunar Eclipse of September 2015. CREDIT: Chris Walker

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