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May 2016 Extra: The Ocean Machine Is Set To 9

May 2016 Extra

In the show this time, Dr Sambit Roychowdhury talks to us about dwarf galaxies, Professor Phillipa Browning talks to us the Sun in this month's Jodbite, and your astronomical questions are answered by Professor Tim O' Brien in Ask an Astronomer.

Listener Survey 2016

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JodBite with Professor Phillipa Browning

Professor Philippa Browning talks to Max Potter about her work in solar physics. We discuss the solar coronal heating problem, which competing theories exist and how they measure up. Philippa is also interested in nuclear fusion, so ITER (the upcoming international experimental reactor) and the future of fusion are discussed. Finally, we move on to Philippa's recent work consulting for a very inventive dance-based outreach scheme!

Interview with Dr Sambit Roychowdhury

At the time of the interview, Dr Sambit Roychowdhury worked at the Max Plank Institute in Garching, Germany. He has since moved to Manchester, and now works at the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics. Sambit is interested in dwarf galaxies, which are small galaxies that often closely orbit larger galaxies like our Milky Way. Whilst these objects are small, they play a vital role in forming larger structures. Sambit discusses the challenges in both observing and modelling dwarf galaxies.

Ask an Astronomer

Professor Tim O' Brien returns to the Jodcast to answer your astronomical questions:

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Show Credits

JodBite:Professor Phillipa Browning and Max Potter
Interview:Dr Sambit Roychowdhury with Monique Henson
Ask An Astronomer:Prof. Tim O' Brien and James Bamber
Presenters:Fiona Healy and Benjamin Shaw
Editors:Alex Clarke, George Bendo, Cristina Ilie and Charlie Walker
Segment Voice:Kerry Hebden
Website:Benjamin Shaw and Stuart Lowe
Producer:Benjamin Shaw
Cover art:Sunset Koksijde CREDIT: fdecomite

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