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July 2016 Extra: Only Coming Through In Waves

July 2016 Extra

In the show this time, Professor Sir Francis Graham-Smith talks to us about his latest book, Eyes On The Sky, and your astronomical questions are answered by Dr Iain McDonald in Ask an Astronomer.

The Jodcast Survey

Thank you so much to everyone who's filled in our survey so far. We'll be closing it to responses on the 22nd July so we can get started on analysing the data you've provided us with. So if you've been putting it off, please click here to tell us what's on your mind. We have a special prize for one lucky respondent which we'll be announcing shortly.

Extended Interview with Professor Sir Francis Graham-Smith

Sir Graham has been at Jodrell Bank for a long time and is a world leading researcher in radio astronomy. Despite being retired, he's still an active researcher in the Pulsars and Time Domain group. As well as his research he's the author of multiple books on radio and pulsar astronomy. This month he joins us to talk about his latest book, Eyes On The Sky which describes humanity's history of using instruments to map the cosmos. Sir Graham tackles observational astronomy at all wavelengths, telling us how telescopes work in each regime and what the sky looks like to the different instruments. Eyes On The Sky is a comprehensive journey though the electromagnetic spectrum and is available at all good book sellers. For UK readers, click here to order your copy.

Ask an Astronomer

Dr Iain McDonald answers your astronomical questions: Science in The Martian, Jupiter's red spot and the fate of the Earth and Moon.

Odds and Ends

Show Credits

Interview:Professor Sir Francis Graham-Smith with Benjamin Shaw
Ask An Astronomer:Dr Iain McDonald with James Bamber
Presenters:George Bendo, Adam Avison, Fiona Healy and Christina Smith
Editor:Benjamin Shaw
Website:Benjamin Shaw and Stuart Lowe
Producer:Benjamin Shaw
Cover art:A prism splitting white light into a spectrum. CREDIT: Crude Animation

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