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November 2016 Extra: Sleeping Satellites

October 2016 Extra

In the show this time, Katie Detwiler talks to us about the cultural anthropology of ALMA, Dr. Joe Zuntz tells us about weak lensing and his departure from Jodrell Bank and your astronomical questions are answered by Minnie, Ben and George in Ask an Astronomer.

Jodbite with Dr. Joe Zuntz

Dr. Joe Zuntz returns to the Jodcast to talk to Monique about his time at the University of Manchester. No longer bouncing around different wavelengths, Joe has spent the last few years playing a crucial role in the Dark Energy Survey, which aims to probe the dynamics of the Universe and learn more about dark energy. He's leaving Manchester for a lectureship at the University of Edinburgh, where he will continue working on the Large Synoptic Sky Survey.

Interview with Katie Detwiler

Katie Detwiler is a Doctoral Candidate for Cultural Anthropology from The New School for Social Research, New York City. She has been visiting Manchester to talk to the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) team about how the massive data loads generated by ALMA are managed. Previously Katie has spent time visiting the basecamp of ALMA, the Operations Support Facility in Chile, ALMA, and tells us about her time doing anthropological fieldwork in Chile, filming at the ALMA site, and studying the practices of both the teams contracted to build ALMA, and the radio astronomers themselves. She is interested in the revolution of big data: in many aspects of modern life, including in the field of astronomy, we are now producing far too much data to analyse using the techniques of the past. Questions such as how this data is managed, stored and distributed, intellectual property rights and the inevitable problem of necessary data disposal are all discussed in this interview. Katie also discusses contributions that ALMA have made to its local community in Chile, the rise of astro-tourism, the politics behind the development of such a large radio telescope site, and the neccessary policies which must be put in place in order to protect and conserve the pristine conditions of Chile's night sky- an important project for a country which considers the sky to be one of its natural resources.

Ask an Astronomer

Minnie, Ben and George answer your astronomical questions: The distance to the Sun, life on Mars and the number of stars in the Universe

Odds and Ends

Show Credits

Interview:Dr Joe Zuntz with Monique Henson
Interview:Katie Detwiler with Charlie Walker
Ask An Astronomer:Dr. Minnie Mao, Benjamin Shaw and Dr. George Bendo
Presenters:Benjamin Shaw, Monique Henson and Charlie Walker
Show Editors:Adam Avison and Naomi Asabre Frimpong
Segment editors:Tom Armitage, George Bendo and Jake Morgan
Website:Benjamin Shaw, Andy May and Stuart Lowe
Producers:Benjamin Shaw and Andy May
Cover art:A computer-generated image representing space debris as seen from high Earth orbit. CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons

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