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April 2017 Extra: All Hope In Eclipse

April 2017 Extra

In the show this time, Dr Stefan Soldner-Rembold talks to us about the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment, Dr. Amit Tagore tells us about weak gravitational lensing and your astronomical questions are answered by George in Ask an Astronomer.

Jodbite with Dr. Amit Tagore

Dr Amit Tagore from the University of Manchester speaks to Monique Henson about all things strong lensing: cosmology, starburst galaxies and the role of simulations.

Interview with Dr Stefan Soldner-Rembold

Stefan Rembold-Soldner is the head of the particle physics group at Manchester University. He is working on DUNE (Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment) where beams of neutrinos generated at Fermilab in Chicago are detected by equipment deep underground in a South Dakotan gold mine. The experiment will further our understanding of how and why neutrinos mutate from one type to another. DUNE should also be able to detect neutrinos from relatively nearby supernovae and give us a better understanding of the dying moments of supergiant stars.

Ask an Astronomer

George answers your astronomical questions: Metalenses, photon directionality and the frequency of comet visitation

Odds and Ends

Show Credits

Interview:Dr Amit Tagore with Monique Henson
Interview:Dr Stefan Soldner-Rembold with Ian Evans
Ask An Astronomer:Dr. George Bendo and Benjamin Shaw
Presenters:Benjamin Shaw, Minnie Mao and Tom Scragg
Editors:Sally Cooper, George Bendo, Ian Evans and Benjamin Shaw
Website:Benjamin Shaw and Stuart Lowe
Producer:Benjamin Shaw
Cover art:A total eclipse of the Sun by Saturn taken by Cassini. CREDIT: NASA/ESA

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