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October 2017 Extra: The Parting Of The Ways

October 2017 Extra

In the show this time, Dr Beth Rogers tells us about Guerilla archeology, Jon Spooner tells us how he hacked his way into space, Grant Munro talks about the hidden heroes of astronomy and Dr Amy Vincent tells us all about mitochondrial diseases.

Interview with Dr Beth Rogers

Beth Rogers from Guerilla Archeology at the University of Cardiff talks to the Jodcast about Bronze Age artefacts and what they can tell us about peoples' relationships with the sun and the moon

Interview with Jon Spooner

Jon Spooner, the director of Human Spaceflight at the Unlimited Space Agency gives us a whistlestop tour of how he accidentally set up his own space agency and ended up going to space. UNSA's free app is available for both Android and Apple devices.

Interview with Dr Grant Munro

Grant Munro from ESR technology talks to the Jodcast about the role of engineering in astronomy and space science. ESR Technology have worked with the space industry since 1972 and have worked on missions such as the Hubble Space Telescope, the Solar Orbiter and BepiColumbo

Interview with Dr Amy Vincent

Amy Vincent from the Wellcome Centre for Mitochondrial Research at the University of Newcastle gives the Jodcast a brief biology lession, introducing us to mitochondrial diseases and the relevance of mitochondrial research to dementia.

Show Credits

Interview:Dr Beth Rogers with Monique Henson
Interview:Jon Spooner with Monique Henson
Interview:Grant Munro with Monique Henson
Interview:Dr Amy Vincent with Charlie Walker
Presenters:Naomi Asabre Frimpong, Jake Morgan, Benjamin Shaw and Charlie Walker
Show editor:George Bendo
Segment editors:Andreea Dogaru, Monique Henson, Tom Scragg and Charlie Walker
Website:Benjamin Shaw, Charlie Walker and Stuart Lowe
Producers:Benjamin Shaw and Charlie Walker
Cover art:The view from inside the Lovell Telescope CREDIT: Benjamin Shaw

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