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December 2018 Pantomime: The Lord of Turing

December 2018 Pantomime

Our panto-meister Dave Ault is taking a well-earned break from script writing this year, but two of our Jodcasters have stepped up to deliver The Lord of Turing - a tale of suffering, endurance and overly-large data sets! This has ended up being our longest pantomime by some margin - we hope you enjoy it.

Show Credits

The Lord of the Rings:J.R.R. Tolkien
Pantomime Script:Luke Hart and Charlie Walker
Panto Editor:Alex Clarke
Tin Whistle:Andrew Gordon
Undergrounduate:Eunseong Lee
Supervisor:Nialh McCallum
Gandalf the Academic:Luke Hart
Bilbo Baggins, Postgrounduate:Tom Scragg
Frodo Baggins, Postgrounduate:Laura Driessen
Samantha, Postgrounduate:David Whitworth
Merry, wayward Postgrounduate:Lizzy Lee
Pippin, wayward Postgrounduate:T.I.A. Fudge
Tom Bombadault:David Ault
Aragorn (Strider et al. 2018):Alex Clarke
Elrond, Master Theorist of Rivendell:Jake Staberg Morgan
Postdoc Boromir:Michael Wright
Theorist Legolas:Naomi Asabre Frimpong
Instrumentalist Gimli:Fiona Porter
Beamer Wormtongue:Nialh McCallum
Cosmology King Theoden:Tom Scragg
Cosmology Postdoc Eomer:Josh Hayes
Postdoc Gollum:Josh Hayes
Postdoc Faramir:Adam Avison
eProg the Orc:Charlie Walker
Nondescript Soldier:David Whitworth
Chief Bayesian:Charlie Walker
Goddess of Mt. Accepted-with-Minor-Corrections:Fridah Morgan
Website:Jake Staberg Morgan and Stuart Lowe
Producer:Jake Staberg Morgan
Cover art:Much that once was, is lost. CREDIT: Zanastardust, via Wikimedia Commons

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