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April 2019 Extra: Chasing the horizon

April 2019 Extra

In the show this time, we talk to Leen Decin about the ATOMIUM project, Tana Joseph tells us about black hole binaries and multi-messenger astronomy in this month's JodBite, and your astronomy questions are answered by Benjamin Shaw in Ask an Astronomer.

JodBite with Tana Joseph

Dr. Tana Joseph (@TanaDJoseph), is currently a Newton Fellow here at the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics. We talk about her work on black hole binaries and multi-messenger astronomy. We also chat about her STEM communications company, AstroComms.

Interview with Leen Decin

Professor Leen Decin (KU Leuven) talks to us about the ATOMIUM project. She talks about old stars and stellar winds and explains the purpose of the project in learning about the chemistry and morphology of stellar winds. Finally she discusses why the project came to Manchester and talks about data reduction of ALMA data.

Ask an Astronomer

Benjamin Shaw answers your astronomical questions about black holes and pulsars:

Odds and Ends

Show Credits

JodBite:Tana Joseph and Laura Driessen
Interview:Leen Decin and Michael Wright
Ask An Astronomer:Benjamin Shaw and Isaac Mutie
Presenters:Crispin Agar, Laura Driessen and Hongming Tang
Editors:George Bendo, Lizzy Lee and Deepika Venkattu
Segment Voice:Mike Peel
Website:Michael Wright, Naomi Asabre Frimpong and Stuart Lowe
Producer:Michael Wright and Naomi Asabre Frimpong
Cover art:First image of a black hole by the Event Horizon Telescope. The object M87* is located at the heart of distant galaxy Messier 87. CREDIT: Event Horizon Telescope, via Wikimedia Commons

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