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January 2024: Bluedot 2023 Special

January 2024

Bluedot 2023 Special. In this episode, Fiona Porter travels to Bluedot and interviews Dr. Rebecca Bowler, a newly-hired researcher at the University of Manchester, about studying high-redshift galaxies using the James Webb Space Telescope; Professor Sheena Cruickshank about her work on immunology at the University of Manchester; and Dr. Jen Gupta, who is now an associate professor in public engagement and outreach at the University of Portsmouth, about her life and work after leaving the Jodcast. Additionally, Fiona Porter conducted a separate, extended interview with Dr. Tim O'Brien about organizing Bluedot and about the history of Jodrell Bank.

Show Credits

Interview:Rebecca Bowler, Sheena Cruickshank, Jen Gupta, Tim O'Brien, and Fiona Porter
Presenters:Emma Alexander, George Bendo, and James Turner
Editors:George Bendo, Lily Correa Magnus, Louisa Mason, Bijas Najimudeen, and James Turner
Website:George Bendo
Producer:Fiona Porter
Cover art:The cluster WHL0137-08 as imaged by the JWST. Several gravitationally lensed background galaxies can be seen in this image. Credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, Dan Coe (STScI/AURA for ESA, JHU), Brian Welch (NASA-GSFC, UMD), Zolt G. Levay.

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