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Maths of the Mind

We use our brains to understand maths, but we can also use maths to help understand our brains. In The Maths of the Mind we meet some of the current mathematical ideas being used, explore how optical illusions can help us explain how we see, and look at how the maths developed can be used to build novel computer devices. This talk was presented by Professor Peter McOwan at The University of Manchester as part of the MoreMathsGrads project in collaboration with CS4FN.

Show Credits

Speaker:Professor Peter McOwan (School of Electronic Engineering & Computer Science, Queen Mary, University of London)
Camera, Sound, Editing:Nicholas Rattenbury
Post Production:Nicholas Rattenbury & Stuart Lowe
Music:Susan M. Lockwood
Executive Producers:Nicholas Rattenbury & Stuart Lowe
Filmed on location at:The Schuster Laboratories, The University of Manchester
Special Thanks to:MoreMathsGrads/CS4FN/STFC/University of Manchester
Cover Art:The Jodcast
Website:Stuart Lowe

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