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STFC Small Award 2008 - £6,000

At the end of 2007 the Jodcast applied for, and was awarded, an STFC Small Award of £6,000 to continue the Jodcast through 2007 and to buy video equipment/software to start the video episodes of the Jodcast. The report will appear here once it is complete and has been sent to STFC.

STFC (previously PPARC) Small Award 2007 - £2,212

At the end of 2006 the Jodcast applied for, and was awarded, a PPARC Small Award of £2,212 to support the Jodcast through 2007. This award was needed to buy equipment and microphones to improve the sound quality, to pay for limited travel, the domain name, and for advertising. At the end of the grant period (December 2007) we produced a report for the STFC (previously PPARC) summarising what we did. As STFC grants ultimately come from the taxpayer, we thought you might be interested to read the report.