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May 2010 Extra: Portrait

May 2010 Extra

We have updates from Prof Matt Griffin about Herschel and we find out about Max Alexander's portraits of astronomers. We answer your questions and talk about various other odds and ends.

Max Alexander Photographs

Stuart visited an exhibtion of portraits of astronomers by Max Alexander at the Glasgow Science Centre. Max describes his photographs featuring professional and amateur astronomers from around the UK.

Herschel Update

Professor Matt Griffin (Cardiff University) talked about ESA's Herschel space observatory that launched in May 2009. Matt tells us about the latest results that were announced at the National Astronomy Meeting. After the interview, Adam told us that Herschel had recently found a hole in space too.

Ask an Astronomer

Tim answers your questions:

Odds and Ends

Jupiter's Southern Equatorial Band has disappeared over the past year. According to Emily Lakdawalla, it does this every 3-15 years.

Stuart responded to some of the improvements suggested in the survey:

  1. One listener asked for us to have "no gaps or ads". The podcast doesn't have adverts or gaps so we assume they may be listening to the show via Subscribe to the podcast for the original show.
  2. Several listeners asked for southern hemisphere content in the night sky section. Ian has recently been including some content and we are working with some people in New Zealand to bring more.
  3. A listener asked about adding a "contents page" to the podcast. Whilst an audio contents page is not practical (because the exact content and length of the show isn't known until the final edit) we do include the times of the individual segments in the description included in the RSS feed..
  4. For those who don't like listening to the feedback section of the show, we pointed out that it is placed at the end of the show deliberately (following feedback in our 2007 survey!) so you can choose to turn off when we reach the feedback section.

Show Credits

Interview:Max Alexander and Stuart Lowe
Interview:Prof Matt Griffin and Stuart Lowe
Ask An Astronomer:Dr Tim O'Brien
Presenters:Stuart Lowe and Adam Avison
Editors:Chris Tibbs, Adam Avison and Stuart Lowe
Segment voice:Nadya Kunawicz
Website:Stuart Lowe
Cover art:Herschel find a hole blown in the side of NGC 1999 (the green tinged cloud towards the top of the image) Credit: ESA/HOPS Consortium

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